2010 Tesla Roadster 2.0 for Sale

2010 Tesla Roadster 2.0 for Sale

Visit http://sanfranciscosportscars.com/2010-tesla-roadster-gray/ to see this 2010 Tesla Roadster 2.0 for sale from San Francisco Sports Cars.

This 2010 Tesla Roadster we have for sale features the much improved 2.0 drivetrain. Her mid-mounted AC induction electric motor will surprise you with an amazingly quick 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds all with 200 foot-pounds of torque making for a rush of adrenaline off the line and putting a smile on your face as you accelerate into traffic. Other refinements over the initial 1.x series include improved performance in extreme heat or cold as well as a more comfortable interior.

This Tesla Roadster has many upgraded options over the base model with premium interior and paint, as well as carbon fiber clear coat protection, forged wheels and more.

Check out the link above for full description, current pricing info and detailed photo gallery. Give me a call with your best offer.

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