Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

I don’t know about everybody else but when you simply ask the children, they’ll tell you they’re all for electric vehicles. It does not matter what kind either. Make all of the vehicles electric! In any case, electric vehicles are amazing and easy to use, not to mention, easy on the wallet with regards to buying gas. Perhaps it is the truth that electric vehicles run in an amazing and mysterious silent way. That is got the roaring, gut throbbing internal combustion noises beaten hands down. Silence, it appears, is associated with thinking – at the least conscious thinking occurs in the silence. Issues of reality and form and style and daydreaming are a part of this silent phenomenon.

If each kid wants electric vehicles, perhaps that’s the place to begin marketing them. The other day, my wife and I assisted move a Barbie Jeep. It’s an electric powered kid sized vehicle and is too heavy for one person to lift, not to mention a child. Nevertheless, the toy is extremely popular and we both considered to climb in and take it for a spin. It’s fun, adventurous, and even parents love it.

Back in the adult world, one of the main unresolved electric vehicle issues that remain is that of weight vs. safety. Numerous models of Italian, Swiss and Chinese electric vehicles currently exist on the market but few models satisfy U.S. requirements for highway safety. The dilemma is that electric vehicles are kept light for efficiency sake. The required battery storage contributes a great deal of weight but not where it counts.

Chrysler introduced an electric vehicle in California back in 2000 that was in reality a glorified, weather resistant golf cart. There was more marketing hype than real interest but the giant automaker did meet its EPA mileage goals that year. Slower speeds associated with around town driving are more best for electric vehicles. Perhaps with new, lighter batteries we will see heavier electric vehicles that can meet stringent safety requirements, but it has not occurred yet.

Still, the attraction for electric vehicles remains. Considering the state of the world, we’ll most likely see some kind of renewable energy vehicle effectively enter the marketplace in the future. Whether it will be an electric car or one powered by a fuel cell, the final vote is still out.

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