Exploring Sacramento Music Scene

Exploring Sacramento Music Scene

The music scene in Sacramento is a potpourri of great artists and a few up and coming ones. With several major successes and label recordings and signings over the past few years, Sacramento is now firmly placed on the map of the music industry. Sacramento music scene reflects the entire culture of the place, which consists of both classical as well as modern genres. However, amongst all the other genres of music, jazz has now become synonymous with Sacramento. There are many music festivals held in Sacramento, making it one of the biggest music destinations in the country today.

If you are planning on visiting Sacramento and you happen to be a music lover, then perhaps you already know that Sacramento is famous for its sponsorship of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, which bring music to the area in myriad ways. The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee is the world largest traditional jazz festival, which attracts thousands of people who come to hear the musicians perform during the Memorial Day weekend.

Monthly concerts, Jazz in the Park, and the Youth Scholarship Program all highlight this citys everlasting love for jazz. The piano lounges and blues clubs are all tucked away in cozy little corners throughout the city, where some of the most talented amateur musicians and established artists perform.

If you are interested in classical music, there are plenty of exciting programs and events in store for you in Sacramento. The Camellia Symphony Orchestra is recognized all over the country for producing and presenting programs that are high in artistic merit, which include world premieres, rarely performed and basic repertoire works. If you are interested in studying classical music, then it is offered in Sacramento in association with some of the local universities. Some of the universities with such programs are U.N.I.Q.U.E at CSU and the Mondavi Center at UC Davis.

In the eighties, bands like Club Nouveau, Tesla, Steel Breeze and Bourgeois Tagg made big news in the music scene, and each of them had national hits. Tesla continued to make big money until the nineties before they broke up temporarily, and then got back together over the millennium. Also, in the nineties, the local artists that went on to become national musical successes included DRS, Deftones, Papa Roach, Cause & Effect and Oleander. Indeed, the history of music in Sacramento includes various artists that either came close to making it or made it to stardom. From Lynn Anderson to Mark Curry, Kevin Sharp to Timothy B Schmit, these artists were based in Sacramento before, during or after signing up for a record label for national distribution.

What is more, the Memorial Auditorium, the Crest Theatre, the Arco Arena and the Sleep Train Amphitheater are all known for hosting big names and rock concerts, and even national pop-tours. The Amphitheater is particularly famous because it is brand new and has state-of-the-art, open-air concert facilities in its 18,500 seater space. It also has an exceptionally good sound system and three large video screens. On weekends, the locals head towards the Cesar Chavez Plaza and J Streets for the free Friday night music concerts. For a little over two weeks, local bands perform here, attracting more than 5,000 people each week. Blues, country, alternative music, and rock and roll are performed at this Friday night event. Everything, from beer to wine, food vendors to soda gardens and great music form the essence of this tradition.

What with all the music festivals and programs, events and traditions, Sacramento has become an important hub of music. Who would not want to come here to have a good time?

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