Hybrid Vs Electric Cars

Hybrid Vs Electric Cars

There is much in the news these days over the necessity for alternative energy sources for cars. While there have always been a number of benefits to alternate fuel sources, the present outrageous spikes in gasoline costs have brought about increased public desire for an alternative to purchasing fuel. At an average of $ 3 a gallon, a person who burns 2 gallons of gas on the way to work and an extra 2 gallons on the way back is spending $ 12 a day. That equals $ 60 a week which translates into $ 3,000 per year. That is quite a little bit of cash and when one considers the fact that gasoline was only $ 1.40 a gallon a decade ago, the spike in costs is considerably unreasonable. This is why there has been renewed and increased interest in electric cars and hybrid cars. From this, there has derived apparent questions that have morphed into a debate over the merits of hybrid vs electric cars.

Hybrid cars are cars that can burn standard gasoline as well as ethanol fuel. (Ethanol is a non-oil based fuel that comes from corn). Electric cars are cars that run on a rechargeable battery. Several years ago, prototype electric cars were provided on the market, but the cars failed for a number of reasons.

There are a number of problems that presently exist that can preclude the development of the electric car in the market. These issues, nevertheless, might be remedied as time passes, but at the moment, these problems are restricting the growth of the electric car in the market. The issues consist of the following: the amount of miles that a person can drive a car on the capacity of the current design of electric batteries are fairly limited and you will find very few charging stations in the United States that can re-charge a car when the battery dies.

Obviously, it would be pretty difficult to drive a vehicle long distances or even up and back to work if the electric car was prone to drained of power and the ability to recharge the car was limited. Furthermore, any repairs that might be necessary could be somewhat difficult to have done because it may be difficult to find a repairman who knows about the complexity of an electric car. Upon evaluating these potential problems, hybrids have an edge in the hybrid vs electric car debate. While the hybrid vs electric car debate between which is the best has not yet been determined, it might appear the edge leans towards hybrids.

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