Scan to BIM: Capture the as-built information of any existing building efficiently

Scan to BIM: Capture the as-built information of any existing building efficiently

The term ‘laser scanning’ is not new to the AEC (architectural, engineering and construction) professionals. Basically, laser scanning is an important part of an old building renovation and refurbishment project. In a building renovation project, laser is mainly used for scanning an old building in an efficient manner. The prime purpose of conducting this scanning process is to capture the three dimensional information of the old building precisely. During the laser scanning, millions of points are extracted that together form the ‘Point Cloud’. All the points are resided in 3D coordinate system so users can efficiently locate each and every point from its position in the X, Y and Z axis.

3D laser scanning is a process where any existing object is scanned thoroughly for getting its precise measurement. The scanning part is the least difficult part of the process whereas the most challenging job is the importation of point cloud into BIM software and then produce 3D model from the point cloud. Once the entire 3D point cloud data is extracted, users first consolidate it and then import it into the BIM software such as Revit. The raw format point cloud is not direct use in the BIM modeling project. At first the raw format point cloud file is converted into .rcp or .rcs file format and then these particular file formats are used for developing 3D building information model for the existing building.

The 3D building information model consists of entire information regarding the physical and intrinsic characteristics of the existing building. This model even provides detailed information of the material types, properties of each material, dimensions of each components and other important information. This information helps the design and construction professionals to visualize the entire design of the existing building in 3D and understand the intent of the design in an efficient manner.

The 3D BIM model of the existing building also helps the professionals to prepare a proper schedule of all the tasks of the building renovation project. The analyzing the information included within the BIM model assists the contractors to calculate how many materials and other resources will be requires for the renovation. The professionals also can estimate how much labors they need to hire for accomplishing the project successfully. The building information model enables the facility managers to visualize all the facilities of the building efficiently before the starting of the building renovation.

Hence, BIM is also played a very important role in accomplishing any building renovation project successfully.

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