Tesla Model S Reviews speak volumes about the car

Tesla Model S Reviews speak volumes about the car

In all over the world, the automobile industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth. This sector has registered growth in the sales figures despite economic upheavals. This trend has no doubt, benefitted many car manufacturers as a trend of buying new cars is currently popular. Some of the top selling vehicles in 2014 would help in making an informed choice. Toyota Camry from the house of Toyota is a popular name in the field of automobile industry bringing out best possible four wheel drive surpassing many other vehicles in the same segment. In the United States of America, Camry is one of the most popular sedans selling like hot cakes. This brand has seen several glorious year in the past and in the year 2011, this glory seems to revive to an extent. Earthquake in Japan was responsible for a major setback to this company but, now it is back on track.

Look into various factors like price bracket, style, grace, features, accessories, design and most important of all fuel efficiency when buying a car that meets your expectations perfectly. One of the above mentioned cars would definitely meet your expectations.

Another car that has taken the automobile industry by storm is Tesla Model S. If one goes through the Tesla Model S Specs, he will come to know about the features of this car that will help him in taking a suitable decision. This car is a major part of the plug in electric cars. Though, this car is not directly competing with the cars launched by any other car manufacturer, this car still enjoys an upper hand over many other cars because of its practical edge and effectiveness. Considered and touted as one of the smartest car in the categort of electric cars, this car also looks absolutely stunning with its sexy look. Thus, for potential car owners and avid car lovers, it remains one of the most likes and admired cars.

Some of the major features of this car are that it is perfect for any car category with its five door hatchbacks in medium size. Its design is truly elegant and stunning which makes it a highly popular car. As a bonus, this car is also environment friendly. The pick up, also referred to as acceleration offered by the car is 0-60 miles in an hour which is truly amazing. The aluminium body of the model imparts it with necessary strength but at the same time, keeps it light in weight. Touch screen display in the car is 17 inch color vertical and this ensures that one can enjoy entertainment in the car. All these features make it a well admired car.

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