Tesla Model S Specs- Speaking Volumes about the car

Tesla Model S Specs- Speaking Volumes about the car

One of the first bespoke creation, the Tesla Model S is the newest entratnt from the electric car stable. The body made up of material aluminium, steel is added just ti strengthen certain areas. The car has gained a stiffness quotient as a result allowing the car with good dynamics to the car despite its weight and size even when sailing on 21 inch wheels.

There was a time when if a question was asked about a manufacturer introducing a fast, highly practical, viable and competitively priced automobile, replete with everything an electric, luxury saloon must have, the choice would have been between Japan, Germany or South Korea, but with Tesla Model S entering the segment, the space has been adequately fulfilled. Tesla Model S Specs speak volumes about this car and promises panache, finish, character and quality unmatched.

We all are aware that for small families, versatile and highly efficient vehicles are required and such potential customers are increasingly leaning towards compact crossover class, where the customers find something that is not seen in other regular automobiles. Moreover, manufacturers are making these models highly competitive and fresh with new models and frequent redesigning. With minimal changes, the Toyota RAV4’s designing can be considered is two steps forward and one step backward. A lot of updations have taken place where there is no longer three rows of seats or V-6, the model has been upgraded to 6-speed automatic transmission and for conventional liftgate that is roof hinged, there is a swift cargo door. No doubt, this model is one up from other models in terms of refinement, efficiency and comfort, having left all popular Honda CRV and Ford Escape.

The latest model is an inch shorter tha its predecessor if measured bumber to bumber but at the same time, the model seems to shrink more as the spare tyre has been relocated the under the floor from its earlir position at the rear. Extreme makeover is also visible at its front end and the automobile has gained an attitude style. The latest look can be summed up as aggressive, emotional and easily recognizable. In the entire Toyota lineup, it seems that aggression is seen predominantly which is further accentuated with headlights inspired by Camry, an integrated spoiler just like Highlander and a frOnt bumper and grille that is quite similar to the Sienna minivan.

The manufacturer has focused greatly on improving the efficiency of the car. Its overall dynamic look makes it all the more inetersting and worth taking a serious interest. The Toyota RAV4 price ranges between $ 23,550-$ 29,720. Other features that must be looked into when deciding the car are 176 hp, 2.5 liter engine, an all wheel drive and more.

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