Tesla (Worth or Not)

Tesla (Worth or Not)

Tesla (Worth or not)

Interesting, Present generation is lucky enough to feel the change comes in the automobile industry. Tesla is the live example. I think the production will be in the 200,000 range by 220. Tesla is not likely be like Microsoft but likely as good an investment in XOM. If I made money like I did back in my old days 2008 you could be sure I am going to buy a lot of Tesla in the month of Dec and Jan. As for Tesla even at 20,000 vehicle a year. I personally think a Tesla share still be a 4 beggar (Tesla = $ 200/share). Also I read somewhere Elton has stock tonsure that payoff at $ 150/share.

And I or anyone of us upset that Tesla has pinned itself to our car which I am going ahead and assume is a let’s take example like Benz? Hey but this time I realized I just wasted a ton of money on old fashioned technology car. Believe me there were serial fact which prove my point.Tesla has components succeed and disrupt the mis of Hi end auto market.

1- Award winning Model S, including the award from consumer report. Model X design seems to be just as good. They have range a necessary feature. Overtime these model will add feature like smart cruise control, collision avoidance, park assist, weight reduction etc. Interior will refined the overall design will be improved to facilitate mass automated production.

2- Innovative factory design- that is getting more automated with time but as the personal experience. I expect them to handle the stamping with robots. With improved design the plant efficient can only increase. Supply chain increase and the cost will fall. I think that even with discursive battery tech the manufacturing cost will come down significantly I assume it will come around to 40% which will help both to company and also to the customer and it will also make effectively increase in the production chain which will help in the growth of the brand.

Tesla is a brand which has users from different parts of the worlds so as a brand its has to put different steps in the favor of the user chain and production chaining by taking proper steps it will able to increase in the production which automatically make an increase in the satisfied customer from the different parts of the worlds. As a user I give my best wishes to the company and thanks for make me lucky to use such technology in my hand which feel me or customer from the different part of the world .

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