The Electric Car: Is an Electric Car Right for You?

Find the answers to the most common questions about electric cars quickly and easily, including whether or not an electric car is wrong for you

Many people are thinking of going electric these days, even with gas prices near their low point of the last five years. But is an electric car right for you? That depends, as author Ernie Hernandez will lay out for you in The Electric Car. An automotive insider with over 25 years of behind the scenes experience and over six years of electric car research, he lays out the arguments for and against electric car ownership.

With so many variables, the process can be intimidating. The Electric Car breaks everything down in short chapters, covering a broad range of topics. From total cost of ownership to leasing vs. purchasing; finding charging locations to range anxiety and safety.

If you discover that you and an electric car are a good fit, a handy set of tables in the back of the book provides you with all of the important information you’ll want to consider on currently available makes and models, putting you one step closer to finding the perfect electric car for you.


The Electric Car: Is an Electric Car Right for You?