The Top Electric Cars in the Market Today

The Top Electric Cars in the Market Today

Many major automakers have expanded their production line to include their own version of the electric car. Simply put, an electric car is a battery-powered vehicle. A vehicle with both an internal combustion engine and electric motor/s is called a hybrid. With this major difference, the following are the top electric cars in the market today.

1) The Nissan Leaf. This is the first fully electric battery powered car in the market today. The Japanese automaker has a hundred mile range per full charge and is able to seat five people comfortably. The current Leaf is a hatchback and already has the ability to extend its range through its eco-mode and be a battery for home appliance use during emergency situations.

2) The Chevrolet Volt. General Motors has also joined the electric car race with the unveiling of the Volt. This is a plug-in hybrid that is able to travel forty miles on a full charge and 500 miles per full tank of gas. This is a sedan model and other models are following suit from Chevrolet, such as the Opel Ampera, the Crossover SUV.

3) The Ford Focus Electric. This fully electric model replaces the internal combustion engine with a fully electric motor. This is also the first electric car model in the market that allows the customer to determine what is under the hood: battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid or fuel-efficient sedan.

4) The Tesla Roadster. This is one electric car for the big boys as it is able to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than four seconds. It has a 240-mile range on a fully charged battery. This flashy car on the road is one of the eye-catching models of electric cars in the market today.

5) The Toyota Prius. The world leader in the production of hybrids and electric battery car is constantly improving its product. When it first unveiled the Prius, it had both an internal combustion engine and electric motor. Now, it is improving its cars through battery innovations.

6) The Mitsubishi MiEV. This vehicle is a hatchback and is microcompact thus making it ideal for city use. It has a range of 80 miles on a full charge and the basic battery is a 16kWh lithium ion battery.

7) The Honda Fit EV. This top selling model has been in use as a demonstration unit in many facilities such as Google and Stanford University. While Honda has its previous hybrid models, the Fit EV would be the improvement as it would use its top of the line Blue Energy lithium ion batteries in its production models.

Because of the increasing demand for fuel efficient as well as environmentally friendly vehicles, many of the automakers have started their own EV programs. While the price may be quite high, governments have instituted programs to assist people in purchasing electric cars. Soon enough, the benefits of owning electric cars would outweigh the cost and these are only the initial models available in the market.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at the Electric Vehicle News site, where he has published a number of articles about the Electric Car industry